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Pasta Temptations, Buffalo, NY
We are both excited and anxious to be partnering with Pappardelle's Pasta. Described as the Michelangelos of Pasta, like fine sculptors Pappardelle's craftsmen have been shaping colorful, flavorful pasta dough into edible art since 1984. Innovative and unique, we offer more variety of gourmet Frozen & Dried Pasta, Pesto & Sauces than anyone else. Our products are all-natural and are made in small batches, using time-tested traditional methods like slow drying to ensure protein & vitamin integrity. Our recipes have been crafted so that the intense flavors and colors retain their vibrancy through the cooking process. Our ravioli fillings are handmade, ensuring they are rich and textured. We hope you enjoy our products!

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2010 Pasta Temptations, Buffalo, NY